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Visitability is a feature of Larch ParkVisitability is more than making sure anyone, regardless of mobility, can visit a home. It is a set of design considerations that add value to a home by ensuring it can accommodate people with temporary or permanent disabilities and allow seniors to “age in place.”

A visit-able home has:

  • Wider doorways on all main floor doors (a minimum of 32 inches).
  • A half bath on the main floor that includes a sink, toilet and the wider doorway.
  • One entrance with no steps.

All the homes in Larch Park must have the wider doors and the main floor half-bath. We strongly encourage one zero-step entrance into the house, ideally accessible from the street. 

Learn more about the value of visitability by clicking here.

If you would like to ensure greater access for people with disabilities, consider going further and investigate barrier free or universal design.