Four Principles Guide This Fresh New Community

As developers, we have a vision for Larch Park. To realize the vision, we've made a significant investment in the planning and construction of the community. For example, we've provided LED street-lighting, bioswales, a construction waste recovery program, planted boulevard islands, a community garden plus a fruit tree grove.

To truly succeed, we need people who share our vision — homeowners who want to be part of a community designed and built for the 21st century.

Larch Park Vision

Compact, Diverse & Connected

Walk-ability is one of the ways Larch Park is designed for our time, as are the green spaces interspersed with diverse building types. Single family homes, townhomes and fresh approaches to multi-family living will make it a vibrant place where a variety of people can thrive.

Pursue Architectural Excellence

Edmonton is a city that appreciates progressive architecture, not only in its public buildings but in its residential buildings as well. Communities like Glenora, Belgravia and Crestwood demonstrate how modern architecture can blend seamlessly into traditional neighbourhoods. Larch Park continues that tradition by encouraging quality, craftsmanship and a diversity of home styles.

Conserve & Create Natural Habitat

We've already realized part of this dream, through the creation of Larch Sanctuary and Edmonton's first stormwater management pond built to become an ecosystem. We're now concentrating on creating pockets of varied natural habitat within the Park itself: welcome signs for songbirds and the people who enjoy them.

Build Greener Buildings

Because there are different approaches to creating more sustainable homes, Larch Park is ambitious but flexible. Builders can aspire to BuiltGreen, R2000 or LEED Canada for Homes. Or, they can set a goal of building a highly efficient house with a far higher EnerGuide rating, and forgo third-party verification. As of 2013, all of the homes in Larch Park have achieved a minimum Energuide rating of 80.